My professional experience

I started working as a language professional at the beginning of my studies, some of my first customers were (among others):

Adelphi Group, pharmaceutical market research specialist. Translation of medical questionnaires from English into German, proofreading of German texts and transcription and translation of German interviews into English;

La Loupe, a tourist guide for different Alpine tourist destinations, regular translation of all editions for years.

Over the years the list of clients and happy customers has grown steadily and I’ve successfully collaborated with a number of interpreting and translation agencies. Below you’ll find a short list of my clients:

Tree Solutions (interpretation of Austrian Federal Railways safety training for British tree cutting specialists)

Raiffeisen Leasing (consecutive interpretation; topic: accounting and IT***

VAMED (consecutive interpretation during interviews in May 2012 and 2013; topic: medicine, finance, general)*

Teekanne (chuchotage during a workshop*

Marc O’Polo (simultaneous  interpretation during a communication workshop)*

Dr. Patch Adams (simultaneous interpretation of a speech at the Vienna General Hospital)

ABCSG (Austrian Breast Cancer Research Study Group – consecutive interpretation during 4-week FDA-audit; topic: medicine, breast cancer*

Forum Pharmaceuticals (simultaneous interpretation during Investigator Meeting in Prague; topic: schizophrenia, medical studies) ****

SIH (Schmidt Industrie Holding)/Baumit (simultaneous interpretation; topic: company figures, taxes, insurance, etc.)*

LSG Interpreten (consecutive interpretation; topic: copyright)

LaLoupe (regular translation of tourist guides)

Adelphi Group (translation and proofreading of medical texts/interviews for market research)

Juwelier Bretterbauer (long-standing customer, website translation)

LSG Interpreten (website translation, topic: copyright)

Archdiploma (architecture exhibition at the Vienna UT, translation/proofreading of official catalogue; topic: architecture)

Michael Kist (architect, translation of different technical articles on fire safety and timber engineering)

Frequentis AG (communication and information systems; translation of technical and marketing-related texts)**

*       in cooperation with the agency lingua-world (http://www.lingua-
**     in cooperation with the agency itl (
***   in cooperation with the agency FoxCoffey (
**** in cooperation with the agency TransPerect (

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